Ballot processing system (KOIB)

Ballot processing system (KOIB)

KOIB is a device for automated counting of votes, generation and printing of the final protocol.

The KOIB design uses optical scanning technology that ensures stable and reliable operation of the device. The system is equipped with software and a special camera to recognize holograms, it receives and processes only ballots of a particular polling station, automatically returns non-ballot sheets, and also reads the image in the ultraviolet range.

Scope of Application: KOIB is used in federal, regional and municipal elections in the Russian Federation.

Produced by JSC Concern Avtomatika

  • The system is equipped with an automatic ballot capture mechanism, a ruler that allows scanning and recognizing ballots in real time.
  • The system automatically marks invalid ballots.
  • The system has a function of transmitting data via machine-readable QR code.
  • The system does not allow casting several votes simultaneously.
  • The system receives initial data (bulletin descriptor, protocol descriptor) and transmits the final protocol data on an external electronic storage medium.


proprietary, unique development based on the ARM microprocessor


7” diagonal, 800x480 dpi resolution, 160 degree viewing angle, capacitive touch screen

Scanning ruler

color, one-sided

Ballot scan

format scanning width 210 mm, length up to 800 mm, resolution 300x200 dpi

Ballot marker

mechanical, maintenance-free

External interfaces

USB 2.0 – 2 ports for connecting external media and printer, HDMI - for duplicating the image from the screen to the external monitor, Ethernet - for synchronizing two devices

Internal power supply

Internal power supply

Run time

min 1 hour


Mains connection


Output voltage



60x45x16 cm, weight: 6 kg

Extra features

automobile battery operation, software discharge control, automatic power saving mode

Operating temperature range

From +10°C to +45°C