Future Developments

The future developments of Concern Avtomatika are in line with global technological trends, as well as “end-to-end technologies” of the digital economy, which are defined in the main strategic documents of the Russian Federation.

The Concern is a center of skills on cybersecurity issues, which determines its concentration and intensive development of high-tech innovations in this field.

Given the new challenges of our times, trends in the dynamic development of the communications industry and information technology, as well as the emergence of new communications networks built on the principles of software-defined networks and virtualization of network functions, Concern Avtomatika conducts research and development in the following promising areas, taking into account security requirements:

  • telecommunications equipment and methods for computational technology;
  • program support for digital platforms;
  • platforms for the delivery of standardized communications and communication services;
  • virtualization platforms and hyper convergent systems;
  • cellular networks for the next generation5G/IMT-2020;
  • an industrial Internet of things IIoT;
  • quantum cryptography;
  • new methods of protection against cyber threats;
  • methods for the location and counteracting against unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • methods for network and information security;
  • neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Avtomatika: Future Developments

Concern Avtomatika and its partners are creating the latest technologies used in high-tech products, aimed at solving problems and increasing the operational activities of customers, as well as developing the infrastructure of secure communication networks based on trusted equipment for special customers and federal executive authorities.

The possession of technologies and rights to deliverables allows us to develop new competencies and strengthen the Concern’s expertise in its traditional areas of activity.

Its emphasis in product development and creation is on predominant use of their own deliverables of intellectual activity, the use of key electronic components, hardware platforms and software of Russian origin. The Concern tests its developments on its own production technological lines.

They are used in the planning and organization of serial production at the Concern’s enterprises.

The innovations at Concern Avtomatika are aimed at solving strategic tasks identified by the President of the Russian Federation, i. e. the strengthening of technological independence in order to increase the defense capability and security of the state.

They make it possible to solve not only national issues, but also to ensure the implementation of the diversification strategy for the enterprises of the radio-electronic cluster of Rostec State Corporation in the area of serial production for open markets.

All of the Concern’s developments and products are aimed at creating comfortable conditions for the development of customers’ businesses, increasing the availability of communication services, solving social problems for the general population and improving the quality of life.