Research Policies

The innovative development of Concern Avtomatika is carried out in accordance with the Program for Innovative Development of JSC Concern Avtomatika for the period of 2016–2020.

Program Goals:

1 Development and market entry of globally competitive products, services and technologies providing technological excellence.

2 Increase the diversification level of the Concern’s activities, and the growth of innovative military, dual and civilian products.

Avtomatika: Research Policies

The priority areas for innovative development of Concern Avtomatika:

  • the creation of systems and encrypted communication complexes;
  • the creation of automated control systems for special communications;
  • the creation of telecommunication systems in secure design;
  • the creation of security management subsystems in special communication automated control systems;
  • the creation of radio technical and antenna systems that increase information and electromagnetic communication security.
  • artificial intelligence, machine learning;
  • quantum technology, post-quantum cryptography;
  • the creation of remote identification technologies, biometrics;
  • information security, cyber security;
  • the creation of distributed registry systems (blockchain);
  • system programming;
  • supercomputer and distributed computing;
  • the Internet of things (the industrial Internet);
  • the creation of communication technologies (wired, wireless, satellite).