Hardware kit for e-voting systems

Hardware kit for e-voting systems

The hardware kit is designed to conduct electronic voting of voters at their location, including outside the electoral district where they can vote, automated registration of votes cast and generation of data on voting at a digital poll.

The kit can include at least 4 ballot scanners scalable to 16 devices. The scanner platform is based on modern programmable 32-bit microcontrollers. The use of a dedicated architecture avoids the risks associated with the use of public operating systems based on general-purpose computing architectures. The microcontroller program is recorded one time in a controlled environment during the terminal assembly, which makes subsequent intervention in the program impossible, in particular, at the poll.

Scope of Application: The e-voting system can be used for all types of elections.

Produced by JSC Concern Avtomatika

  • The use of a one-time anonymous barcode as an access key to the electronic ballot paper makes the voting of each voter unique and anonymous.
  • The barcode can be a confirmation of voting and its uniqueness ensures that the voting cannot be repeated.
  • A multilingual, intuitive interface is relevant for multinational voters and different age groups.
  • Allows displaying photographs of candidates and emblems of political parties, as well as brief information about each candidate or political party at the request of the voter.
  • Has a function to correct a choice made by the voter during the voting process.
  • One scanner can process up to 500 voters per 12 hours of voting.


4 to 16 voting scanners

Software downloads

without disassembling the scanner

Voting scanner element

based on AWS architecture (32 bit microcontrollers of STM32F7 series)


No operating system


li-ion, allows operation up to 12 hours without charging

Dimension / Weight

420x390x180 mm / 5-6 kg