Luch-PRO portable anti-drone station

Luch-PRO portable anti-drone station

Stationary directional anti-drone system. The system is designed to suppress the drone navigation, control and data link channels to interfere with drone functioning in the site airspace.

Produced by JSC Concern Avtomatika

  • Equipped with 30°*60° directional aerial-feeder, providing efficient suppression of the drones (copter type) at a range of at least 6 km in direct visibility conditions.
  • Weight: 25 kg (without swivel support).

Operating frequency ranges of simultaneous radio suppression:

  • The subsystem’s energy potential:
  • in the range of 0.3-1 GHz: at least 150 W,
  • in the range of 1-2 GHz: at least 200 W,
  • in the range of 2-6 GHz: at least 150 W,
  • The interference type and parameter are automatically generated after selecting the type of the suppressed drone channel.
  • Interference generated by the subsystem is amplified and emitted simultaneously at least in two ranges.
  • The accuracy of matching the spot jamming frequency is at least 10% of the high-frequency
  • range of the suppressed signals.
  • Response time for generation of spot jamming frequency: max. 100 ms.
  • Transmitting antennas provide jamming with linear vertical polarization.
  • Countermeasures range: min 6 km.

The system package include:

  • aerial feeders: 1 unit
  • noise generator: 1 unit
  • radio suppression subsystems swivel support: 1 unit
  • Laptop workstation: 1 unit

Open-air system’s equipment ensures the operation:

  • in the temperature range from -40°C to +50°C;
  • when exposed to atmospheric precipitation (rain) with an intensity of 5 mm/min;
  • when exposed to sand and dust