Mobile underwater radio complex IVA S/W

Mobile underwater radio complex IVA S/W

The mobile underwater radio complex IVA S/W is designed to transmit information and voice data in the sea and fresh water and also across the boundary of media (air and water).

The main modules of the mobile underwater radio IVA S/W are the digital transceiver, hydroacoustic and electromagnetic antennas. Additionally, a full-face mask with a headset and communication controllers are used. The full-face mask has standard connectors to air hoses.

The receive/transmit modes are switched by the PTT button on the diver's hand.

The connecting wires and the overall dimensions of the system make it possible to conveniently place the radio station modules in the aqualung.

  • Voice and data transmission at distance of up to 500 meters for line if sight underwater communications
  • Additional antenna for transferring data at distance of up to 60 m from one media to another (water-air-ice).
  • Organization of communication in intermediate layers of water as well. as in the coastal zone in the conditions of external disturbance and noise.
  • Communication range independent from the hydrological heterogeneities on the signal propagation (water shaking, change in salinity, underset).
  • Ability to bypass obstacles to the signal propagation (algae, natural and synthetic barriers).

General Distance

Up 500 m

Distance with interference and between medias

Up to 100 m

Up to 60 m

Transmitted power

5 W

Receiver sensitivity

0,5 mV


12 W


460х460х100 mm

Battery run time

8 h

Inner dimensions

2,000х700х500 mm (HхWхD)


4 kg