Pishchal-PRO hand-held anti-drone system

Pishchal-PRO hand-held anti-drone system

Pishchal-PRO hand-held system is designed to suppress flight missions of drones by jamming their communications, control and navigation links from greenfield positions of security sector.

Produced by JSC Concern Avtomatika

  • It combines high efficiency of countering the drone misuse with no hazard to user health.
  • The hardware is able to operate both in stationary positions, and in motion.
  • The system does not require ad-hoc training of operators and is ready for combat use nearly in real time.
  • Weight: 4.0 kg, with a range of at least 2,000 meters.

Frequency ranges jamming

Simultaneous impact on channels of communication, control and navigation support of unmanned aerial vehicles

Power supply, V


Battery capacity, Ah


Type of noise generated Noise-like, aiming in direction

Duration of continuous operation (for 2 battery), not less than, hrs


Working temperature range, ° С

From -20 to +40

Overall dimensions (W × H × D), cm


Weight, not more than. kg


Suppression range, not less than, m

2000 (assuming direct radio line of sight)