UAVs detection and counteraction transportable complex «Bastion-Avtomatika»

UAVs detection and counteraction transportable complex «Bastion-Avtomatika»

The complex is intended for continuous radio surveillance, detection of UAVs signals and generation of counteraction signals for them in the protected area.

Produced by JSC Concern Avtomatika

  • Detection, direction finding and identification of UAV signals
  • Formation and signals emission for counteraction to satellite navigation channels as well as UAV’s communication, command and control system;
  • Display of the received information in tabular and graphical form
  • The possibility of manual and automatic modes of operation;
  • Control of generated interference parameters.

Impact on the frequency channels of communication, control and navigation support of the UAV


Panoramic tuning speed in the panoramic direction finding mode, with a resolution of 100 kHz – not less than 10 GHz / s The detection and identification range of UAVs in conditions of «direct line of sight»

no more than 10 km

Detection and direction finding sector


The range of suppression of UAVs’ navigation, communication and control channels

not less than 2 km

Supply voltage single-phase AC

220 V±10%, 50 H

According to the conditions of use the complex provides:
  • Prompt transportation by all means of transport without additional packaging
  • Rapid deployment and coagulation of the complex due to the modularity of the design and the limited number of connecting cables
  • The possibility of placement in field and urban conditions, both in open areas and on the roofs of facilities
  • Work in the temperature range from - 30°С to + 50°С under the influence of precipitation (rain) with an intensity of 5 mm/min as well as in sand and dust.