UAVs detection and counteraction transportable complex «Rubezh-Avtomatika»

UAVs detection and counteraction transportable complex «Rubezh-Avtomatika»

The complex is intended for continuous radio surveillance, detection of UAVs signals and counteraction signals generation in the protected area..

Produced by JSC Concern Avtomatika

  • Detection, direction finding and identification of UAV signals
  • Formation and signals emission for counteraction to satellite navigation channels as well as UAV’s communication, command and control system;
  • Display of the received information in tabular and graphical form; The possibility of manual and automatic modes of operation;
  • Control of generated interference parameters.

Impact on the frequency channels of communication, control and navigation support of the UAV


Panoramic tuning speed in the panoramic direction finding mode, with a resolution of 100 kHz

at least 10 GHz / s

The detection and identification range of UAVs in conditions of «direct line of sight»

at least 15 km

Instrumental standard deviation of direction finding with a probability of 0.85

no more than 3°

Suppression range of navigation, communication and control channels of UAVs

up to 4 km

Supply voltage single-phase AC

~ 220 В ± 10%, 50 H

Product weight

no more than 300 kg

According to the conditions of use the complex provides:
  • Prompt transportation by all means of transport without additional packaging
  • Rapid deployment and coagulation of the complex due to the modularity of the design and the limited number of connecting cables;
  • При воздействии атмосферных осадков (дождя) с интенсивностью 5 мм/мин
  • The possibility of placement in field and urban conditions, both in open areas and on the roofs of buildings;