Software protection of workstations and servers

Software protection of workstations and servers
Concern Avtomatika has expertise in the information security field and offers services for the realization ofworkstations and servers protection at the level of data, applications, network, operating system and peripheral equipment.

Designed for:

- confidential information protection,
- protection against intruders and unauthorized actions inside the system,
- endpoint protection сompliance requirements and recommendations.

Produced by JSC Concern Avtomatika

- Wide range of policy templates
- Predefined policy templates in accordance with regulatory requirements
- Creating your own templates from a configured workstation
- Comparing the current workstation settings with the template
- Centralized distribution of templates
- Centralized administration
- Visual representation of all alarms on one screen
- Up to 50 widgets on one screen, 20 types of custom widgets
- Alarm statistics of various protection subsystems
- Ability to create monitoring groups
- Report generation
- Installed software on a computer report
- Protected resources, status and settings of protective components report
- All applications and users installed in the system with access right report
- All electronic identifiers registered in the system report
State and commercial organizations
Military departments
Financial institutions
Health organizations