Archway metal detector MTD-CA

Archway metal detector MTD-CA

MTD-KA is designed to detect metal objects prohibited in crowded places. It is used to ensure public safety at stadiums, airports, subway, business and shopping malls, government agencies and educational institutions. The metal detector is equipped with a video camera with face recognition system based on NtechLab’s algorithm, one of the world’s fastest and most accurate ones. When a face matches a person on the monitoring list, the security personnel is immediately notified. The NtechLab software allows the simultaneous online processing of video streams from an unlimited number of cameras.

Scope of application: the effectiveness of the solution has been repeatedly proven in ensuring public safety at events of various scales, up to the global ones: during the FIFA World Cup 2018, a number of dangerous criminals were detained with the help of this system.

Produced by JSC KEMZ

  • Simultaneous detection of several metal objects.
  • Two LED strips on both panels.
  • Advanced broadband detection technology allows the detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Automatic adjustment of operating frequencies eliminates the effects of X-ray machines, radio receivers and other sources of electrical interference.
  • Impact-resistant plastic.
  • Anti-falsing protection.
  • Audio and light alarms.
  • Intelligent passenger flow and alarm counters.
  • Sensitivity adjustment. Levels 0 to 299: the maximum sensitivity level allows detecting small metal objects such as a paper clip; the minimum sensitivity level allows detecting large metal objects such as: a knife, a gun without noticing the metal in belt buttons, shoes.
  • 12 detection zones.

Unauthorized access protection

Password-protected software

Distance between detectors

0.3 m at low sensitivity

0.5 m at high sensitivity

Mains voltage

AC 187 V ̴242 V, 50/60 Hz

Signal frequency

7000-8999 Hz (adjustable)

Input power

12 W

Gross weight, total

70 kg

Outer dimensions

2,220х820х500 mm (HхWхD)

Inner dimensions

2,000х700х500 mm (HхWхD)

Operating temperature

From -20 ̊С to +50 ̊С